Our Motto

At Ashisuto, we believe our mission is to help society by offering useful products and services honestly, sincerely, and competently. No matter how much the world changes, technology progresses, or what other companies do, we believe customers will prefer to deal with people who are honest, sincere, capable and considerate. If we keep this one simple principle in mind, we will always be able to help our customers.
Our motto, “People Assisting People," summarizes this mission.

People Assisting People

Ashisuto's Three Fundamental Ideals

For our customers
Ashisuto promises to sell honestly and competently only those products and services that satisfy our customers, always striving to ensure that customers receive more value than they pay.

For our business partners
Ashisuto will always respond sincerely and honestly to business partners that support us.

For employees
Besides providing employees with worthwhile work, Ashisuto will provide a work environment in which employees can maintain their mental and physical health.

Ashisuto's Three Fundamental Ideals