Our Business

We distribute software products

Since our founding in 1972 as a package software distribution company, Ashisuto has been providing outstanding products that strengthen and enhance the information processing systems of our customers.

The products we offer include data base systems, business intelligence software, system operations tools, website content management systems, security management software, and a wide variety of other products. Each product we offer helps customers design and develop more effective systems to address requirements of their respective corporate strategies.

We help customers leverage their investment

Ashisuto does not merely sell package software; we offer proposals and technical support on a continuous basis to ensure our customers' system architectures remain appropriate for the requirements specified.

All products and new versions are tested internally at Ashisuto before they are provided to customers. After we become thoroughly knowledgeable about product specifications, functions, and particulars of each product's merit, we offer concrete strategies and methods to enable our customers to solve their problems and achieve their goals.

Our Customer Creed

Ashisuto's mission is to offer the best software products and services possible in order to satisfy and help our customers. Ashisuto gives priority to responding to constantly changing business environments and the changes in customer requirements.

Accordingly, Ashisuto does not rely on a single supplier, but selects and provides for customers only the software that is optimal for each customer.

Besides selling software and providing technical support, Ashisuto also offers a variety of seminars and training sessions. We periodically introduce examples of customer case studies, and provide advice on adopting the best practices for each product.

We have branches and representative offices throughout Japan to ensure accurate, timely service for our customers. We have developed regional follow-up systems appropriate to each geographic area and always give highest priority to serving customers based on a concrete understanding of their needs.