Products and Services - Database

Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
Oracle Database Oracle Corporation (U.S.) A relational database management software system with high scalability, high reliability, high manageability and high security, that is also enabled for grid computing.
EDB Postgres EnterpriseDB (U.S.) Developed from PostgreSQL by EnterpriseDB and containing all standard features in a fully-configured, open-source distribution for large enterprises, EDB Postgres offers Oracle compatibility, linkage with other commercial RDBMS, as well as various migration GUI tools.
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Global Development Group(U.S.) An open source object-relational database system available with a liberal, open source license (similar to BSD) giving users freedom to use, modify and distribute PostgreSQL in any form desired, open or otherwise. Ashisuto provides PostgreSQL product support, configuration support services and training.
Oracle Database Appliance Oracle Corporation (U.S.) An entry machine conforming to the DODAI concept of quickly building and operating a database system. You can start small with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition by purchasing licenses only for the number of CPU cores you need.
Oracle Exadata Database Machine Oracle Corporation (U.S.) The foremost model of DODAI, combining large volumes of memory and low cost disks to deliver maximum performance at minimum cost. It provides a database infrastructure that can revolutionize business practices.
Vertica Micro Focus Enterprise Ltd (Japan) Vertica is a column-oriented database that can process and analyze large amounts of data at ultra-high speed. It flexibly enables system expansion depending on data amount at low cost and the overwhelming high performance supports quick decision making. This is the next-generation's big data high-speed analytical platform that is highly compatible with IoTs and can use the latest technologies such as machine learning.
Oracle Cloud Oracle Corporation (U.S.) Oracle Cloud is a cloud service that provides abundant features such as virtual servers, storage, databases, and Java processing. Resources can be used as needed. Oracle Cloud PaaS/IaaS can be used within a customer's data center and 'Exadata Cloud at Customer,' which uses Oracle Cloud PaaS/IaaS, does not require removal of confidential data externally.
DODAI K.K. Ashisuto (Japan) A data base foundation in which the data base infrastructure format is pursued and designed from the viewpoints of both hardware and software. Offering flexibility, reliability, and manageability, it can be quickly installed at low cost with completed prior verification.
Oracle DB Operational Management
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
Performance Insight Insight Technology, Inc. (Japan) A monitoring and tuning performance management tool for Oracle data base, displaying six categories of analytic results in a radar chart for quick resolution of performance-constricting bottlenecks.
iDoctor Monitoring Service K.K. Ashisuto (Japan) iDoctor is a service for monitoring database operating status in real time, allowing early detection of failure signs and simultaneous alerting of the customer and Ashisuto support center. Diagnostic findings by the Ashisuto support center are then reported and appropriate actions are performed in a timely manner, resulting in shortened recovery time and reduced data base monitoring costs.
Postgres Development Support
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
SI Object Browser for Postgres System Integrator Corp. (Japan) SI Object Browser for Postgres is a development support tool for the Postgres database system that offers various database-related operations via a GUI, including creation of objects such as tables, data editing, stored program creation, automated creation of test data, and performance analysis.
Database Virtualization
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
Delphix Delphix Corp. (U.S.) Delphix is a database virtualization solution that instantly generates data at any time from the past to the present in the production database and can be used for various purposes such as development, testing, quality assurance, migration, reporting.
Planning and Design
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
Data Modeling Services K.K. Ashisuto (Japan) Data Modeling Services include data capture and data requirements definition from normalization through physical design based on the customer's situation. Through these services, we support the process of capitalizing data.