Products and Services - Security

Information Leakage Countermeasures
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CA Privileged Identity Manager CA, Inc. (U.S.) Installable in Windows, Linux and Unix servers, CA Privileged Identity Manager provides comprehensive control of user access, including account management, access control for various resources, and access log recording. Besides protecting critical server data from threats of data destruction, information leakage, and system stoppage, the recording of a detailed access log is also effective for audits.
Hibun Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. (Japan) Through encryption of disk, files and mail attachments, Hibun prevents information leakage to external devices such as USB memory, etc. It also includes a countermeasure assessment/auto-check system for easily maintaining an ideal security environment according to the PDCA cycle.
PISO Insight Technology, Inc. (Japan) PISO (Performance Insight for Security for Oracle) is an information leakage monitoring system utilizing Direct/SGA to acquire a precise log of the smallest SQL units of data access, enabling data base access management, control of privileged users, reporting and environment monitoring of the data base.
Internet Separation
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Double Browser Solution Ericom Software Ltd. (Israel) Double Browser Solution separates the business network from the network for Internet connection and greatly reduces the cyber attack from the Internet and the risk of information leakage. Browsing by screen transfer from the terminal you are using does not reduce convenience.
Log Management
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Logstorage Infoscience Corporation (Japan) With domestically-acclaimed top-class results, Logstorage is an integrated log management system of unique architecture that incorporates high log compression, fast searching, and superior GUI for handling a variety of log management requirements. It easily accommodates small starts, quick installations and later expansions.
Log Analysis
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BlackDomainSensor K.K. Ashisuto (Japan) BlackDomainSensor is a tool to discover that malware exists in the organization and visualize how deeply the malware after the intrusion penetrates. A unique log analysis engine performs a log analysis such as matching of a list of C & C servers and communication logs, and automatically outputs an analysis report for finding fraudulent communication and grasping the depth of attack.
LogRevi INTEC Inc. (Japan) LogRevi is a monitoring tool that allows reviewing on a single screen the alert instances that have been collected automatically from the log. Multiple reports can be displayed simultaneously, and the history of the same report from past to present can be displayed on one screen. Reports matching application information with log data can also be produced.
ID Management
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LDAP Manager EXGEN Networks Co., Ltd. (Japan) LDAP Manager is an ID management system developed in Japan by EXGEN Networks Co., Ltd. to meet the requirements of Japanese customers. As a meta directory server, the product incorporates an (LDAP) server that can accommodate flexible attribute settings, providing a low-cost, no-strain, no-waste strategy for achieving early configuration of an ID management environment.
ID Inventory Kit K.K. Ashisuto (Japan) The ID Inventory Kit extracts system-specific IDs and privileged IDs of the business system, outputs a variety of reports required for ID inventory tasks in audits, and automatically checks for disparities between source information of the personnel system (ID data) and the ID integrated control system.
Compliance / Vulnerability Countermeasures
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
WhiteSource WhiteSource Software Ltd. (Israel) WhiteSource: an Open Source Lifecycle Management product for SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that strongly supports DevSecOps and allows easy and reliable management of open source assets to ensure license compliance and risk reduction.