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Building Partnerships

Ashisuto's success as a pioneer distributor of new products and its trusted rapport with customers makes us an excellent candidate for new partnerships.

We look forward to meeting companies interested in the Japan software market so that together we can explore the possibilities for building new partnerships to serve our Japanese customers.

If you are a software vendor

  • who is looking for a distributor/reseller in Japan,
  • who is considering setting up a branch office in Japan,
  • who is seeking a successor of your Japanese business,
Please contact us at :

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

FAQ - About Partnership

Q1. Does Ashisuto have offices in other Asia Pacific countries?

No. Only in Japan.

Q2. In which types of products does Ashisuto specialize?
   What other types of partners does Ashisuto have?

We have partnerships with companies from several continents that provide software in areas such as database management, BI, system management, security, website content management, etc.
For more information: See Product List .

Q3. How many customers does Ashisuto have?

6,000 enterprises and organizations in Japan are our customers (as of April, 2017).

Q4. Are Ashisuto's customers any specific size?

No, we serve all types and sizes of customer organizations.

Q5. In which sectors does Ashisuto specialize (manufacturing, distribution, etc.)?

We have representative customers in almost every sector.

Q6. Does Ashisuto sell applications?

No. We instead specialize in selling tools that our customers use to develop and manage their applications. There are many other companies in the application business. Ashisuto does not compete with them.

Q7. Does Ashisuto sell imbedded software?

No. Ashisuto does not sell hardware.

Q8. Can Ashisuto be our master distributor for Japan?

Yes, Ashisuto has experience as master distributor in Japan. We excel at direct sales and we handle reselling through our network of domestic partners. Unlike system integrators, Ashisuto focuses on selling software licenses to earn revenue for survival. Selecting Ashisuto may not be ideal (not win-win) if your strategy is simply to increase the number of resellers.

Q9. How does Ashisuto evaluate customer satisfaction?

We regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys, measuring overall company performance, responsiveness of our support center (time to resolve problems, etc.)

Q10. Does Ashisuto conduct business only in Japanese?

Several of our staff members speak English. A few members also speak other languages. Please contact our Business Development Department to discuss becoming a partner.

Q11. Where should I contact about becoming an Ashisuto partner?

Please contact our Business Development Department at: