Our Uniqueness

Our Uniquensess

Our Selling Style Is Appropriate for Japanese Customers

We have found that simply translating product manuals is not the most effective way to introduce software from overseas vendors to Japanese customers. We are thoroughly competent at providing our Japanese customers with appropriate pamphlets and sales materials that we ourselves create and develop. This is one of the ways we promote products in Japan.

One could say that we play the role of a virtual Japanese branch office for our suppliers.


Ashisuto is an independent company in information technology, which allows us to decide and judge which products can be successfully introduced to the Japanese market. Because we do not directly engage in application development or system integration, we are able to focus on product sales, customer support, and professional services related to our sales. That also means we do not deal with products known as loss leaders. We are proud of our steadfast honesty, as is written in our founder's “Philosophy and Beliefs”, which is our very DNA.

face-to-face communication with customers

Ashisuto believes that face-to-face communication with customers is fundamental. We maintain branch offices all over Japan and the salespeople assigned to those branches visit customers daily.
Each of our 230 salespersons is obliged to manage at least 15 sales calls per week. The total number of sales calls per year by our sales specialists is in the hundreds of thousands. We have been exceptional at selling directly.

It is a characteristic of the Japanese IT industry that most IT engineers are employed by IT Solution Providers, such as System Integrators. This differs from standard practices in most other countries. IT solution providers in Japan play a very important role when it comes to choosing the best software at customer sites.

Ashisuto also maintains excellent relationships with reliable IT solution providers, and frequently sells software through those channels. Approximately half of Ashisuto's sales revenue comes from direct sales, and the other half through Ashisuto's partners, such as solution providers.

Further, Ashisuto's field engineers also visit customers to conduct activities such as pre-sales presentations and in some cases, troubleshooting and other post-sales activities.

Follow-up Service

Original Training Courses

Ashisuto invests substantial resources in follow-up services. We ourselves develop original training courses and education materials and offer them to existing customers.

Trusted Support Centers

Ashisuto support centers are strategically located nationwide to ensure business continuity and the high-quality support of which we are proud. For many products we offer 24-hour / 7 day-per-week special-support contracts.

Our surveys consistently show that Ashisuto's customer satisfaction levels exceed 90 percent, as do our rates of resolving customer problems internally without having to escalate the handling of such issues to suppliers.

Ashisuto Forums

Every year we hold Ashisuto Forums in the four largest metropolitan areas in Japan: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. Approximately 40 sessions are held at these forums, which are attended by over 3,000 customers from all over Japan. Each session is presented by a customer selected to demonstrate a unique implementation of products we have provided.

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