Products and Services - Analytics

Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
DataRobot DataRobot, Inc. (U.S.) AI Cloud platform for everyone involved in AI. It encompasses the functionality required for AI, including data pipeline and exploration, model creation automation and explainable AI, and MLOps, to power the application of AI to business.
Progress Corticon Progress Software Corporation (U.S.) Business rules, such as guidelines and know-how, are expressed in a two-dimensional tabular format to increase flexibility. Used with machine learning AI, It enables comprehensive decision-making, including data-based and human judgment.
AI Buddy K.K. Ashisuto (Japan) Proceeding on AI projects can be daunting. The AI Buddy service is a companionship-based service where a data scientist helps a company drive its AI project forward.
SIGNATE Cloud SIGNATE Inc. (Japan) A data utilization skills management system born out of AI training, contributing to the discovery and development of DX human resources through PBL-type online education for AI/Python/Excel users, skills assessment, and competition functions.
Business Intelligence (BI) (Reporting / Analysis)
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
WebFOCUS TIBCO Software Inc. (U.S.) A Business Intelligence (BI) platform providing appropriate information to all users, both inside and outside the enterprise. It provides all required functionalities of BI, from reporting to self-service processing, reflecting the needs of regular users as well as the IT department.
WebFOCUS Turbo V TIBCO Software Inc. and other manufacturers WebFOCUS TurboV is a solution to accelerate information utilization by combining Enterprise BI with DWH and ETL. It provides flexible and stable BI infrastructure and efficient cost performance through such features as "high processing performance," "reduced development cost," and "flexible BI infrastructure."
Qlik Sense QlikTech International AB.(Sweden) Analysis and trial-and-error are essential to making the most of various data for business. Qlik Sense is a data analytics platform that delivers analyzable data to all employees and provides powerful support for reviewing and creating data-driven analysis and BI reports.
Data Utilization Story Service K.K. Ashisuto (Japan) Data Utilization Story Service creates the decision-making process flow as business know-how and finds out the requirements for utilizing data in the flow (who, why, and what to look at) in an agile manner by repeating the implementation with actual data using Qlik Sense.