Products and Services - Database

Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
Oracle Database Oracle Corporation (U.S.) Oracle Database is the industry standard RDBMS with high performance and reliability. Ashisuto is the first company in Japan to start selling and fully supporting Oracle Database and has been supporting customers' database construction and operation for more than 30 years.
EDB EnterpriseDB (U.S.) EDB is an enterprise database that implements the functionality required for corporate needs. It offers a wealth of features that improve development productivity and operational management, and its flexible licensing model is suitable for cloud environments, maximizing the return on investment for enterprises.
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Global Development Group(U.S.) PostgreSQL is an open-source software database with multiple functions, including replication. Ashisuto also provides product-support and construction support services and training for PostgreSQL-based services in the public cloud.
Oracle Database Appliance Oracle Corporation (U.S.) Oracle Database Appliance is a simple appliance that integrates hardware and software. You can deploy it quickly and start high-performance hardware from the entry with minimal software licensing costs.
Oracle Exadata Oracle Corporation (U.S.) Oracle Exadata is the only database machine with superior performance in all applications. It combines super-fast transaction processing with advanced analytical processing. In addition, it also provides ExaDB-C@C installed in the customer's data center as a cloud environment.
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
Vertica Open Text Corporation (Canada) Vertica is an enterprise DWH and a company-wide comprehensive data analysis platform. Its overwhelming performance, scalable configuration, and unique analysis functions strongly support various users' data analysis requests