Products and Services - Data Management

File Transfer
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
HULFT Saison Technology Co., Ltd. (Japan) Managed file transfer middleware used within the enterprise and/or between enterprises. HULFT can handle character code conversions and can connect with different operating environments such as Windows, Linux, and Unix to securely and reliably deliver files to Cloud environments such as AWS and AZURE.
HULFT-HUB Saison Technology Co., Ltd. (Japan) HULFT-HUB is a management tool for integrated operation of multiple HULFT. It visualizes the configuration, operating status, settings, and transfers of multiple HULFTs on a system and provides functions for integrated management and operation.
Data Linkage (ETL/EAI)
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
DataSpider Servista Saison Technology Co., Ltd. (Japan) DataSpider Servista is an EAI tool that realizes data integration processing between various systems, databases, files, and cloud computing inside and outside a company with no code. It also provides a full range of operational management functions to realize highly productive data integration processing development.
DataSpider Cloud Saison Technology Co., Ltd. (Japan) While retaining features of the on-premise version of "DataSpider Servista," this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product provides easy data integration between cloud services, including Salesforce.
Precisely Connect Precisely Inc. (U.S.) The world's fastest ETL software with an easy-to-use GUI that provides effortless development for stable, extremely fast processing without need for tuning. Its superior performance and reliability provide the basis for data integration processing of core and business systems.
Progress DataDirect Progress Software Corporation (U.S.) Progress DataDirect provides a solution from a database driver perspective to configuration issues that open systems face due to differences in various environments and versions of OSs, DBs, and EOSLs.
Thunderbus Saison Technology Co., Ltd. (Japan) Thunderbus does not require a VPN construction, only general HTTPS communication to realize a secure communication environment. You can deploy agents at each location, such as between headquarters and stores, and exchange files and data with simple settings.
Data Virtualization
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
TIBCO Data Virtualization TIBCO Software Inc. (U.S.) Unlike traditional "physical data integration methods" to DWH and data lakes, TIBCO Data Virtualization provides "data virtualization methods" that virtually integrate various data sources scattered throughout the enterprise. As a result, it frees the workload of physical integration and realizes highly agile data distribution.