Products and Services - Ashisuto Original Concept

Product/Service Product Overview
aebis aebis - Ashisuto Enterprise BI Suite – supports data utilization to accelerate your business by "connecting," "saving," "preparing," and "utilizing" data.
AEDAN AEDAN is a framework based on inference type AI software that provides a business automation solution for accelerating development of systems with high flexibility and maintainability.
ENISHI ENISHI is a practical IT service management solution that enables the products, know-how, and services offered by Ashisuto to be compared and applied to IT environments to achieve results quickly and economically.
DODAI DODAI is a database infrastructure solution that consolidates and systematizes Ashisuto's know-how.
Internet of Knowledge A solution utilizing digital technology to disseminate inside and outside the company the various types of "knowledge" possessed by companies and employees to support maximization of corporate activities.