What we do

What we do

The Best Software for Japanese Customers

Since its founding in 1972, Ashisuto has been a renowned distributor/reseller of software to enterprise customers in Japan.

Ashisuto continually searches for advanced, superior software packages from all over the world, and has refined its expertise at introducing those packages so that Japanese customers can easily implement them. Ashisuto's honest business approach and mastery of Japanese business practices, as well as its thorough support of the products it sells, are highly esteemed. Accordingly, Ashisuto's customer base has grown to over 6,000 Japanese companies.

A representative example is the role that Ashisuto has played in the distribution of Oracle products in Japan. Starting as a small department within Ashisuto's office about 30 years ago, Oracle’s operations in Japan, as well as our own, have grown into mutually beneficial, highly successful businesses.

Our strategy is to partner with software suppliers so that we can continue supporting the success of our customers in the fast approaching age of digitalization.