1971 Started selling ASI-ST within Software Product Division of System Kaihatsu K.K.
1972 Established K.K. Ashisuto in Nishi-Shimbashi, Tokyo, as an independent distributor of computer software packages.
1976 Started selling Easytrieve, an information query and application development system.
1978 Opened Osaka Branch.
1981 Organized Ashisuto Salon for information exchange of users from various industries.
Started selling the end-user computing software, FOCUS.
1982 Opened Nagoya Branch.
1985 Moved the head office to Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
1987 Started selling Oracle database software.
Opened Fukuoka Branch.
1989 Started selling PC software series, such as AshisutoCalc.
1990 Ashisuto's PC software series won the Nikkei Product & Service Award.
Opened Sapporo and Hiroshima Branches.
1991 Ashisuto received Unique Company Award of Keizai Kai.
AshisutoCalc ranked first in EYECOM Best Hit Award program.
1994 Started selling the high-speed sorting utility SyncSort.
1996 Organized Solution User Group.
1997 Started selling the test tool LoadRunner, and the business intelligence platform WebFOCUS.
Opened Hokuriku Branch.
1998 Started selling JP1, an integrated system operation management tool.
2001 Opened Tohoku Branch.
2002 Started selling the Web content management system NOREN, and the e-learning software InternetNavigware.
2004 Established iWay Software Japan.
2005 Moved the head office to Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
2006 Obtained ISO 27001 certification for Headquarters' Support & Training Division.
2007 Opened a third Support Center in Ube City, Yamaguchi, following Tokyo and Osaka.
Started providing the internal compliance tool Kansa Reportal, and database infrastructure solution DODAI.
2009 Started selling QlikView, the in-memory Business Intelligence platform.
Started providing technical support for the open-source relational database PostgreSQL.
2010 Organized Ashisuto's information usage tools and services into "AEBIS - Ashisuto Enterprise BI Suite."
Organized Ashisuto's system operation knowledge linkage solution into ENISHI.
2011 Started selling PowerTerm, a desktop virtualization product from Ericom.
Started selling EDB Postgres Advanced Server, an open-source enterprise database.
Started selling e.form, an electronic form system for tablet terminals.
2012 Opened a fourth Support Center in Nagoya.
2013 Established Ashisuto Hokkaido Corporation, a subsidiary providing technical support.
Started selling Progress Corticon, a business rule management system.
2014 Established NOREN Corporation, a subsidiary providing Web content management system and related services.
2015 Started providing "Double Browser Solution" as a countermeasure against targeted attacks.
Started selling Vertica, a high-speed analytical database.
Started providing the self-service analysis platform Qlik Sense.
2016 Started selling Paxata, a data preparation platform.
Started providing Delphix, a data virtualization solution.
Won the Best Technology Division Award in Contact Center Award 2016.