Products and Services - IT Service Management

Integrated System Operation Management
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
JP1 Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. (Japan) JP1 is integrated system operation management software that seamlessly manages systems co-existing on-premise and cloud systems. It is highly reliable, scalable, and easy to use, and its rich functionality enables integrated management of increasingly complex systems.
JP1 Cloud Service Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. (Japan) JP1 Cloud Service provides JP1 job management, integrated management, and job operation data analysis services in the cloud. It supports stable system operation with the same functions and quality as the on-premise version of JP1.
Service Desk
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
Service Management Automation X Open Text Corporation (Canada) A container-type IT service manager (ITSM) for immediately introducing operational processes based on an IT infrastructure library (ITIL). It provides superior operation with machine learning and chat features at a practical level to support the provision of high quality IT services.
Service Manager Open Text Corporation (Canada) An IT service management tool that allows you to implement ITIL-compliant operational processes and flexibly respond to your requirements. It enables you to reduce operating costs and provide high-quality IT services to user departments.
System Monitoring / Performance Management
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
Zabbix Zabbix LLC (Latvia) Zabbix is ​​open-source system integrated monitoring software. It provides advanced functions such as system monitoring, alert notification, performance visualization and so on.
SiteScope Open Text Corporation (Canada) SiteScope is an agent-less monitoring tool with over 80 diverse monitoring items, including server and URL monitoring.
JENNIFER Jennifer Soft (South Korea) JENNIFER is an application performance management (APM) tool with excellent operability and real-time performance. It allows users to identify slow points in the system with a few simple operations and visualize the real-time performance of the system by collecting system operation information in one second.
Operation Automation
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
Operations Orchestration Open Text Corporation (Canada) Operations Orchestration enables IT operations departments to easily automate manual tasks and manage automation definitions and execution results in an integrated manner. Consequently, it reduces operational burdens, improves work efficiency and productivity, and minimizes human errors.
Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Red Hat K.K. (Japan) From cloud-based to on-premise systems, this Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) de facto standard strongly supports promotion of automated configuration management of the IT service infrastructure by organizations.
Event Analysis
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
Senrigum SaaS K.K. Ashisuto (Japan) This service visualizes and analyzes logs and events accumulated by the integrated system operation and management software "JP1" by SaaS type BI. It supports your efforts to upgrade IT service management and improvement activities such as prevention of system failure and efficient placement of human resources.