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Quality Enhancement Measures
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
UFT One Micro Focus Enterprise Ltd (Japan) Incorporating the QuickTest Professional component, UFT One automates functional, GUI, and regression testing of web, ERP, and all client server application functions to achieve higher-quality, lower-cost testing in a shorter period of time. A wide variety of requirements are accommodated, such as automated recording for ERP and automation of other business operations.
LoadRunner Professional Micro Focus Enterprise Ltd (Japan) An integrated load testing tool for web, ERP, and client server systems that consumes minimal hardware resources while emulating the load of an assumed number of production environment users and automatically recording actual user operations to verify and manage system reliability and performance.
Quality Center Micro Focus Enterprise Ltd (Japan) A quality control management infrastructure for swiftly releasing high quality applications, Quality Center provides web-based unified control of all information in the quality control process, including collection of requirements from application development to testing, as well as testing plans, results analysis, and defect management.
System Operation Management
Product/Service Software Manufacturer Product Overview
JP1 Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. (Japan) Integrated operation management software providing seamless control of increasingly complex and expansive enterprise information systems. Highly reliable, scalable and easy-to-use, JP1 employs tiered procedures and an integrated framework to manage abundant control functions centrally.
Service Manager Micro Focus Enterprise Ltd (Japan) Service Manager reduces operation costs and provides high quality IT service to user departments by building a configuration management database (CMDB) for centralized control of operational information and introducing operational processes based on the information technology infrastructure library (ITIL).
SiteScope Micro Focus Enterprise Ltd (Japan) SiteScope is an agent-less, centralized tool for monitoring over 60 types of key indicators, including those in the operating system, network, applications and data base. It provides settings for selective monitoring, sending alert notifications and displaying reports, all controllable from a web browser.
Operations Orchestration Micro Focus Enterprise Ltd (Japan) Operations Orchestration is Run Book Automation (RBA) software that supports automation of IT processes. The operational burden is reduced by automating manual tasks and processes of operations management, minimizing human errors, thus improving efficiency and productivity.
JENNIFER Jennifer Soft (South Korea) Jennifer is application performance management software for integrated monitoring of overall performance of Web system infrastructure (J2EE,.NET). Performance management operations are effectively and promptly achieved by consolidating in the dashboard all information for real-time load measurement and problem analysis. Jennifer provides strong support for making Web system operations more visible and stable.
Zabbix Zabbix LLC (Latvia) Zabbix is ​​open-source system integrated monitoring software. It provides advanced functions such as system monitoring, alert notification, performance visualization and so on.
Cho-Sapo Dash Button
(Ultimate Support Dash Button)
K.K. Ashisuto (Japan) In the event of system failure, this service allows the user at the touch of a button to collect the logs necessary to investigate the cause of the failure, and to make inquiries to the support center. By one simple operation, human intervention is minimized and the time and effort for initial response are greatly reduced.
ENISHI K.K. Ashisuto (Japan) ENISHI is a practical IT service management solution that enables the products, know-how, and services offered by Ashisuto to be compared and applied to IT environments to achieve results quickly and economically.
SaaS Type Operational Management
Product/Service Software
Product Overview
Senrigum SaaS K.K. Ashisuto (Japan) This service visualizes and analyzes logs and events accumulated by the integrated system operation and management software "JP1" by SaaS type BI. It supports your efforts to upgrade IT service management and improvement activities such as prevention of system failure and efficient placement of human resources.