Current Business

Areas of Focus

Ashisuto currently provides more than 60 software products in the following categories:

  • Databases
  • Information Utilization Support (BI, DI, etc)
  • IT Service Management
  • Security
  • Client Virtualization
  • Cloud

Please see the complete list of products.

We earnestly tackle the challenge of exploring products in new fields such as BigData, AI, IoT, and other areas. We are always seeking new partnerships and welcome inquiries.


As a Package Integrator, Ashisuto offers selected software packages integrated with professional services to provide value-added solutions that meet our customers' needs.

By combining our experience and knowledge into comprehensive generic offerings, we are able to provide original Ashisuto brand solutions to our customers.

Maximizing Our Customers' Success

To help our customers grow, we not only host educational courses, training sessions, and seminars, we also sponsor user communities that are product- and technology-oriented for the purpose of exchanging information among users.

We continually seek opportunities to engage with new partners wanting to cooperate with us to meet the broader needs of our customers.

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